Southern California 
Chinese Lawyers Association

President's Message

Years ago on a sunny Southern California day, I attended my first SCCLA event as a law student, the End of Summer Party at the home of Betty Chim.  I met a group of passionate Chinese American attorneys who were dedicated to helping new Asian American law students navigate the challenges of law school and the unknown future.  I was touched by their passion and dedication and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of this great organization.

I joined SCCLA’s Board in 2009.  In the past 10 years, I have witnessed and participated in countless wonderful events by this great organization.  I have also observed the amazing leadership of many of the past presidents who came before me, and I have learned so much from their experiences.

This year, I am grateful to have the support of and the opportunity to work with this year’s talented and passionate Board in achieving SCCLA’s goals of (1) advancing the professional growth and interests of Chinese and Asian American lawyers, jurists and law students, (2) improving the access of the Chinese and Asian American community to legal services, and (3) promoting the interests of the Chinese American and the broader Asian Pacific American communities.  

To better achieve these goals, SCCLA will continue to evolve by adapting some new changes of our Board (e.g., eliminating the officer position of Executive Vice President, changing the Board year to calendar year and making some administrative and financial changes).  I look forward to working with the Board as well as our sister bar associations, bench-bar coalitions and community organizations in providing our core programs – networking mixers, CLE events, mentorship of law students, legal clinics, and the Holiday Food Basket Drive – as well as new programs such as community social events (e.g., Private Tour of the Notorious RBG exhibition, Lunar New Year Concert) and wellness events (e.g., Yoga/ Mindfulness Workshop, Hiking + Brunch).  

I thank you for your continued support of SCCLA so that we can continue to further our mission of pursuing civil rights, community service, and diversity in the legal profession.  I invite you to become an active member of this great organization and join us in many of the wonderful events we have planned this year!

Stephanie W. Tang

SCCLA 2019 President

Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association

P.O. Box 711114

Los Angeles, California 90071-1114

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