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  • 05/08/2020
  • 12/31/2020

SCCLA Cares 2020

When we launched SCCLA Cares in May 2020, we had no end date in mind. Since then, we have been touched by the generosity of the donors and community partners who fueled the campaign. We used 100% of donations to purchase meals from local restaurants or food trucks to feed our community, such as frontline healthcare workers, the elderly, people experiencing housing and food insecurity, and others impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

After concluding the final meal donation on December 14, 2020, we held our first-ever SCCLA Cares Donor Appreciation Event and proudly announced our final numbers:

Thanks to the 214 donations from 139 donors over the last 7 months, we raised $8,256 to provide 1,060 meals!

We are so grateful to each and every donor, including the two donors who made matching donations. Kenny Chung, Executive Vice-President of Hong Kong Realty Management, Inc., and his family matched $400 in donations and donated $300 in in-kind donations. The API group at the law firm of Holland & Knight LLP, courtesy of Partner and SCCLA Past President Stacey Wang, made a $500 matching donation. In conjunction with a membership drive, SCCLA donated 49 meals attributed to the 9 new Members and 4 new Lifetime Members who joined SCCLA during the fundraising campaign. 

Thank you to everyone who supported SCCLA Cares. We couldn’t do this without you. With your support, we hope to bring back SCCLA Cares in some capacity in the future.

A Look Back at SCCLA Cares
Thanks to Your Donations:

  • On May 14, 2020, SCCLA fed Garfield Medical Center's frontline medical responders with a delicious lunch and bubble tea from Bopomofo Café.
  • On May 26, 2020, SCCLA fed TELACU-Monterey Park's senior citizen residents with chicken and rice boxed lunches from Ikka Sizzling PotFor many of these high-risk, low-income senior citizens, trips to the supermarket or restaurants are not feasible, and many who remain at TELACU are weathering the pandemic with no family nearby. The facility has also been receiving fewer food and grocery donations due to social distancing measures. Thank you to the staff at TELACU-Monterey Park who distributed the lunches and continue to serve this community.
  • On June 4, 2020, SCCLA fed domestic violence survivors and low-income residents served by the Little Tokyo Service Center with chicken yakisoba lunches from Far BarThese tenants are working class individuals who had hours cut or lost jobs due to Covid-19 and are struggling to put food on the table. A donated meal is one less day of worry and one big sign of support and hope. Thank you to the owner of Far Bar, Don Tahara, his daughter Jill, and LTSC for their commitment to the community.
  • On June 11, SCCLA fed senior citizen residents in Chinatown who were unable to enroll in the City of L.A.'s Senior Meal Emergency Response Program, which is now at capacity. The seniors have no option but to go to the supermarket and cook in the building's communal kitchen, which increases their already high risk of exposure to the virus. 
  • On June 24, SCCLA fed children in Koreatown through the YMCA's Grab & Go Meal Program. Many low-income families rely on subsidized summer programs and day camp meals for their children's meals. The current pandemic creates hardships for parents, especially those experiencing food insecurity due to loss of employment.
  • On July 21, SCCLA fed people experiencing homelessness. People experiencing homelessness are among the most affected by the pandemic. We partnered with Union Station Homeless Services in Pasadena, which provides the most vulnerable members of our society with housing first, so they may stabilize and receive support to stay housed and reintegrate into the community

  • On August 4, SCCLA fed women experiencing homelessness with soul food boxed lunches to 120 individuals sheltering in place at the Downtown Women's Center central location in Skid Row. These women have experienced homelessness and are living in poverty, all while weathering the pandemic.

  • On September 1, SCCLA fed skilled nursing facility staff at Kei-Ai South Bay: "We are so grateful.  What a great boost to the morale here at our facility.  It really meant a lot to our team to be appreciated in such a nice way.  The food was delicious as well.

  • On September 22, SCCLA fed residents of Los Angeles LGBT Center's Triangle Square – an affordable housing complex for LGBTQ seniors. The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially stressful and isolating for these high-risk individuals.

  • On December 14, SCCLA fed seniors and families in crisis and interim housing served by Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS). This was our largest donation – 450 hot meals and 300 donuts – and we couldn't have asked for a more hopeful way to conclude our fundraising campaign. 

Thank You to Our Generous Donors!

At our first-ever Donor Appreciation Event on December 14, 2020,  representatives from our organization partners expressed their gratitude to the strangers who provided a hot meal and shared the significant challenges these organizations continue to face day-to-day. We also heard from our restaurant partners, many of whom provided meals at significantly reduced cost or at cost, which is especially inspiring since restaurants have been devastated by the pandemic.

Please see below to learn more and support these 20 incredible SCCLA Cares organizations and restaurants:

Garfield Medical Center

Bopomofo Café

TELACU - Monterey Park Plaza

Ikka Sizzling Pot

Little Tokyo Service Center

Far Bar

Southeast Asian Community Alliance

Jade Wok

Anderson Munger YMCA (Koreatown)

The Fix Burger Truck

Union Station Homeless Services

Kobunga Korean Grill

Downtown Women's Center


Kei Ai South Bay Healthcare Center

Giuliano's Deli

LA LGBT Center - Senior Housing

Duidough Café

Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System

China Express

Donut King

Thank You:

100% of the SCCLA Board
Aaron Wong
Alex Sario
Alexander Su
Alisa Edelson
Amy Foo
Andi Wang-Rockwell
Angela Arunarsirakul
Annie Wong
Anthony Lai
Arielle Zakowski
Bo Gui
Calimay Pham
Candice Shikai
Caroline Wong
Celene Chan Andrews
Celia Mo
Charles Keh
Chloe Tan
Chris Beltran
Christine Chen
Corina Flores & Family
Cyndie Chang
Daixi Xu
David Yang
Debby Lin
Derrick Lam
Diana Kwok
Doris Yuen
Elizabeth Yang
Enoch Cheung
Eric Chen
Erica Yen
Felix T. Woo
Galina Tan
Gary Tokumori
Ginny Hsiao
Grace Zhong
Harrison Park
Helen Lee
Helen Pastores
Henry Stegner
Holland & Knight LLP
Irene Lin
Jane Tran
Jason Liang
Jennie Tan
Jennie Wang VonCannon
Jennifer Love Tang
Jingyi Liu
Josh Chiu
Juliette Tran
Junsuk Cho
Katrina Rayco
Katrine Andrews
Kellye Ng-McCullough
Kenny Chung
Kristen Rojas
Lin Zhan
Lisa Liu
Long Truong
Luci-Ellen Chun
Lucie Bondy & Jesse Riley
Maribel Garcia Ochoa
Marina Torres
Marysa Lin
Matthew Sacks
Meng Meng
Mookie Manalili
Nadine Tan
Naeun Rim
Nina Hong
Paige Smith
Phillip Wu
Rae Jin
Ralph Tsong
Randy Hsieh
Ravi Mahesh
Ray Hsu
Robert Kwan
Ryan Andrews 
Ryan Murguía
San Yu
Sandy Yu
Sharlene Lee
Sheryl Leung
Shirley Wei
Shouying Wu
Simon Board
Stacey Wang
Stacy Kwon
Stacy Y. Kwon
Stephanie Roualet
Stephanie Tang
Steven Chun
Sudhir L. Burgaard
Tan Family
Teddy Kapur
Travis Kaya
Valerie Li
Vicki Chou
Wendy Chen
Wendy Wu
Wendy Yin
Will Pao
Yayu Lin
Yolanda Liu

Ziyou Zhu


SCCLA Cares 2021

Almost exactly a year after we started the campaign, we relaunched SCCLA Cares for the month of May 2021, in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This time, our goal was to empower and educate community members against the tide of hate incidents, crimes, and violence against the Asian American community by partnering with Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA. As this issue is deeply important and personal to us, the members of the SCCLA Board of Governors matched $3,500 in donations.

We surpassed our goal, raising $7,790 to support Advancing Justice - LA's renowned Bystander Intervention Training program and its public service announcement video and media outreach efforts on safe intervention.

Find out more about our AAAJ-LA fundraiser here.

Thank You:

Alisa Edelson
Angela Arunarsirakul

Anthony Lai 
Arnold Lee
Benita Yu
Bradley Holcomb
Brendan Sapien
Brittany Grunau, in honor of Celene Chan
Carlin Yuen
Carolyn Yeh
Celene Chan Andrews & Ryan Andrews
Christine Chen 
David C. Yang
Debby Lin
Derrick Lam
Doris Yuen
Hon. Elaine Lu
Elizabeth Yang
Enoch Cheung
Fanxi Wang
Ginny Hsiao
Gregory Hwee
Grace Zhong
Helen Lee
Ibiere Seck
Jaclyn Anderson

Javier Rivera Carbone
Jeff Westerman
Jeffrey Kwong
Jenn Wang
Jennie Tan
John C. Chen
Kellye Ng-McCullough
Kenneth Hsu
Lisa Liu
Luci-Ellen Chun - in memory of Raymond & Audrey Chun
Nadine Shu Rong Tan
Nina Hong
Pamela Grace Chin - in memory of Hon. Marvin M Lager
Ralph Tsong
Ray Hsu
Hon. Robert N. Kwan
Ryan Urban
Sharlene Lee
Stephanie Roualet - in honor of Celene Chan Andrews
Sunee Woo
Thuy Wu
Hon. Wesley Hsu
Willie Alford II
Ziwei Hu - in honor of Vicki Chou


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