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Southern California 
Chinese Lawyers Association

Call to Action Re: Anti-Asian Hate Violence

SCCLA’s Call to Action Regarding Anti-Asian Hate Violence

The Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association is outraged by, and forcefully condemns, the recent spike in violent, unprovoked attacks against members of the Asian Pacific American community, particularly against its vulnerable elders. To name just a few examples, in the past two months, a 91-year old man in Oakland was knocked to the ground; an 84-year old man in San Francisco was slammed down and later died; a 61-year old man in New York was slashed in the face with box cutters; and a 64-year old woman in San Jose was assaulted and robbed in broad daylight. Nearly forty years after the murder of Vincent Chin, such disturbing acts of bigotry and hate continue to occur everyday. These stories must not be forgotten.

Unfortunately, these anti-Asian assaults are nothing new. In the past year, Asian Americans have suffered an unprecedented rise in hate crimes, fueled by misinformation and xenophobia stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. According to reports, hate crimes against the Asian and Pacific Islander community rose by 114% in 2020, mirroring triple-digit percentage increases in major cities across the nation. 2021 has been no different.

The time to act is overdue. We call for our lawmakers to take concrete steps to stem this tide of violence against Asian Americans. SCCLA is committed to working in coordination with our sister bar associations to engage local and federal law enforcement, government leaders, and community organizers to identify meaningful solutions to put an end to this cycle of discrimination and hate across all racial groups.

As members of the bar, we each have the capacity – and the obligation – to promote racial equality and to fight injustice everywhere in our society. Supporting and helping survivors broadly report each hate incident is critical for effective response and prevention of future crimes. Through detailed data collection, local law enforcement and our community at large can accurately understand the urgency and severity of this issue and address the root causes of racial violence. Together, we can amplify our voices in solidarity to raise awareness and
combat hate crimes against Asians.

Guides and resources to help report and track
acts of hate:

NAPABA Anti-Bullying Toolkit
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)

Stop AAPI Hate tracking:

AAAJ tracking:

NAPABA tracking and intake form:

PFLAG Hate Crimes Prevention Guide & Toolkit:

NAPABA Additional Resources:

Opportunities to donate to organizations focused on addressing anti-Asian hate crimes:

Stop AAPI Hate (501(c)(3) non-profit):

Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles (501(c)(3) non-profit):

GoFundMe campaign (501(c)(3) non-profit):


南加州华裔律师协会对近期发生的无端袭击亚裔民众(尤其是老年人等弱势群体)的犯罪行为表示极度震惊并表达强烈谴责。在过去的仅仅两个月中,一位91岁的男性老年人在奥克兰被推倒在地;一位84岁的男性老年人在旧金山被袭击倒地身亡;一位61岁的男性老年人在纽约被袭击者用刀子划伤脸部;一位64岁的女性老年人在圣荷西被袭击,歹徒在光天化日下实施抢劫行为。在Vincent Chin谋杀案发生近四十年后,如此让人震惊的种族仇恨行径居然每天都在发生。这些事件不应该被遗忘。





阻止针对亚裔的仇恨犯罪组织(Stop AAPI Hate)的信息收集网站:

亚裔推进正义协会(AAAJ) 的信息收集网站 (可选择中文)


PFLAG 防止仇恨犯罪的指南和建议:



阻止针对亚裔的仇恨犯罪组织的捐款网站(Stop AAPI Hate非营利组织):

亚裔推进正义协会(AAAJ非营利组织) 的捐款网站

GoFundMe 非盈利组织关于对抗针对亚裔犯罪的捐款网站

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