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Southern California 
Chinese Lawyers Association

SCCLA Events

Please read for details and registration links for SCCLA's upcoming events.

Please note that by registering for SCCLA events, you grant SCCLA the right to photograph, film, and use your likeness and voice in SCCLA-related publicity and advertising.

Out of respect for our guests' health and safety, we have implemented a strict In-Person Event Protocol, to which every guest must attest upon registration. We have an obligation to our guests to ensure that everyone agrees to the protocol as we want to be able to continue safely hosting in-person events. We appreciate your cooperation.

See options to the left for information regarding SCCLA's signature events.

Upcoming Events

    • 10/02/2023
    • 8:00 AM
    • 10/25/2023
    • 6:00 PM

    Organized in 1975, the Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association (SCCLA) works to advance the professional growth and interests of Chinese American and Asian American lawyers, jurists and law students; improve access to legal services to those in need; and promote the interests of the Chinese American and broader Asian American communities.

    The Board of Governors of SCCLA consists of 21 members, 5 of whom also serve as executive officers. The Board ensures that SCCLA continues to fulfill its mission while operating in a responsible and sustainable fashion.

    SCCLA selects our board members from qualified attorneys based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. SCCLA aims to maintain a diverse board with members who practice across a broad range of substantive legal areas and settings. The SCCLA Board currently includes members who work in firms of all sizes, government agencies, and public interest organizations, and who practice in areas including plaintiff-side and defense-side civil litigation, business transactions, criminal prosecution and defense, employment law, and intellectual property.

    As we are a "working board" with no full-time administrative assistance, we are seeking highly qualified, enthusiastic self-starters who are able to dedicate their time to the mission of SCCLA (and have fun while they're at it!).  

    Each SCCLA board member is required to:

    • be a member of good standing of a state bar;
    • be a current, paid member of SCCLA;
    • pay annual board member dues and regular member dues;
    • attend at least 10 monthly board meetings per year, including the 2024 Retreat, which is scheduled for a weekend in January 2024;
    • attend at least 2 sister bar association dinners per year;
    • serve as an active member of at least 1 SCCLA committee;
    • attend at least 1 session of SCCLA's monthly legal clinic;
    • plan and attend SCCLA-sponsored and co-sponsored events;
    • help plan, solicit sponsorships for, and attend SCCLA’s annual installation and awards banquet, including by securing 1 table sponsorship;
    • be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, per our current Covid-19 protocol;
    • be responsible, responsive, professional, good-humored, pleasant to work with, and passionate about building community.

    We encourage you to review the 2023 Board Duties and Expectations document.  Note that this document may change, subject to the approval of the 2024 Board.

    Applications are due by Wednesday, October 25 at 6:00 pm PT. Applicants will be notified by December. Contact us at with any questions. 

    • 10/10/2023
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites. 404 S Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90071
    Registration is closed


    In addition to individual tickets, we offer sponsorship and advertisement packages: Diamond, Platinum, Standard, Government/501(c)(3), Full-Page Advertisement, and Half-Page Advertisement (select these options to the left). 

    Kindly note:

    • Payment options: Check, Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal are preferred for sponsorships. Credit card payments are also accepted online. Please see registration form for payment information. 
    • Advertisements must be emailed to by September 17, 2023 in order to be included in the program materials. Please submit them in JPEG format. A full-page ad is 7.5”w x 10”h, and a half-page ad is 7.5”w x 4.75”h. 

    • Respectfully, no refunds are permitted. If you plan to sit at a sponsor table, please do not purchase an individual ticket. Seats that are unoccupied by 10/3 will be donated to SCCLA scholarship and fellowship recipients, volunteers, and/or other guests. 

    Donate to our Silent Auction, benefiting law student scholarships and fellowships!

    • Scan the QR code or visit the bidding page. Bidding closes on October 10 at 8:30pm.

    Parking information:

    • Hotel Valet
      Discounted rate of $24 per car (based on availability; not applicable to overnight guests).
    • Self-Parking at City National Parking Garage
      Discounted rate of $10 per car with event validation
       arriving after 5pm (not applicable to overnight guests). If a guest parks in this lot before 5pm, they will need to pay the prevailing rate as the validation will NOT apply. Entrance to City National Garage is at 400 S. Flower Street, which is located across the street from the hotel and connected via sky bridge. Once parked, guests will take the elevator to level 7 to access the sky bridge and hotel entrance.

    Out of respect for our guests' health and safety, we have implemented a strict In-Person Protocol, to which every guest must attest upon registration. We have an obligation to our guests to ensure that everyone agrees to the protocol as we want to be able to continue safely hosting in-person events. We appreciate your cooperation.

Past Events

09/20/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic September 2023 | Volunteer Registration
09/20/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic September 2023 Intake Completion Form (FOR VOLUNTEERS, NOT ATTENDEES)
09/19/2023 State and Federal Clerkships
09/17/2023 End of Summer Party
08/26/2023 SCCLA Beach Bonfire
08/16/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic 2023 Intake Completion Form (FOR VOLUNTEERS, NOT ATTENDEES)
08/16/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic August 2023 | Volunteer Registration
08/16/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic August 2023 Intake Sheet | Litigant
08/01/2023 2023 SCCLA Scholarship & Fellowship Application
07/27/2023 2023 Joint APA Bar Association Summer Mixer & Reception Honoring Judge Wesley Hsu
07/19/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic July2023 | Volunteer Registration
07/19/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic 2023 Intake Completion Form (FOR VOLUNTEERS, NOT ATTENDEES)
06/29/2023 Mahjong Night and Mentorship Kickoff
06/21/2023 Growing Your Wealth
06/21/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic June 2023 Intake Sheet | Litigant
06/21/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic June 2023 | Volunteer Registration
05/31/2023 Dinner in Honor of AAPI Heritage Month
05/17/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic May 2023 | Volunteer Registration
04/19/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic April 2023 Intake Sheet | Litigant
04/19/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic April 2023 | Volunteer Registration
04/17/2023 2023 Mentorship Program
03/30/2023 Happy Hour Series (March 30, 2023)
03/15/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic March 2023 | Volunteer Registration
02/15/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic February 2023 | Volunteer Registration
02/15/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic February 2023 Intake Sheet | Litigant
02/11/2023 Feel Good February
02/01/2023 Lunar New Year Dinner & Annual Membership Meeting
01/19/2023 SCCLA Student Representative Application 2023
01/18/2023 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic January 2023 | Volunteer Registration
12/21/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic December 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
12/21/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic December 2022 | Volunteer Registration
12/17/2022 SCCLA Holiday Luncheon
12/17/2022 36th Annual Holiday Food Basket Drive
11/16/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic November 2022 | Volunteer Registration
11/16/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic November 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
10/22/2022 SCCLA x JABA OC Fall Mixer
10/19/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic October 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
10/19/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic October 2022 | Volunteer Registration
10/19/2022 2023 SCCLA Board of Governors Application
10/07/2022 SCCLA's 47th Anniversary Installation & Awards Banquet
10/07/2022 VIP Reception at SCCLA's 47th Anniversary Installation & Awards Banquet
09/21/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic September 2022 | Volunteer Registration
09/21/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic September 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
09/11/2022 SCCLA End of Summer Party
09/07/2022 Serving on a Non-Profit Board (CLE Panel)
08/17/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic August 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
08/17/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic August 2022 | Volunteer Registration
07/30/2022 SCCLA Beach Bonfire
07/26/2022 2022 SCCLA Scholarship & Fellowship Application
07/20/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic July 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
07/20/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic July 2022 | Volunteer Registration
07/11/2022 SCCLA & KABA Mock Interview Program
07/06/2022 SCCLA Mentorship Program Panel & Picnic
06/15/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic June 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
06/15/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic June 2022 | Volunteer Registration
06/01/2022 2022 Joint APA Bar Association Summer Mixer
05/18/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic May 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
05/04/2022 Mahjong Night in Honor of AAPIHM
04/26/2022 Happy Hour Series (April 26, 2022)
04/22/2022 SCCLA Clerkship Panel Series: U.S. Supreme Court Clerkships
04/20/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic April 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
04/20/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic April 2022 | Volunteer Registration
04/06/2022 Growing Your Wealth
03/24/2022 Happy Hour Series Kick-Off Event
03/16/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic March 2022 | Volunteer Registration
03/16/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic March 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
03/12/2022 Past President & Lifetime Member Appreciation Luncheon
03/10/2022 SCCLA Cares Donor Appreciation Event
03/01/2022 SCCLA Student Representative Application 2022-2023
02/26/2022 SCCLA Cares
02/23/2022 Making the Most of Your 1L Summer
02/16/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic February 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
02/16/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic February 2022 | Volunteer Registration
02/09/2022 Annual Membership Meeting
01/29/2022 Phoenix Rising
01/19/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic January 2022 Intake Sheet | Litigant
01/19/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic January 2022 | Volunteer Registration
01/19/2022 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic 2022 Intake Completion Form (FOR VOLUNTEERS, NOT ATTENDEES)
01/17/2022 3rd Annual SCCLA Cares
01/12/2022 SCCLA Mentorship Program | Kickoff
12/18/2021 SCCLA NLSLA Monthly Legal Clinic Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
12/15/2021 Dilemma Facing California Lawyers
12/01/2021 SCCLA Mentorship Program | Judicial Officer/Attorney
12/01/2021 SCCLA Mentorship Program | Law Student
11/16/2021 Business Development and Food Networking Event
11/09/2021 2022 SCCLA Board of Governors Application
11/01/2021 Young Lawyers Guide
09/30/2021 LACBA Networking Mixer with IALA and SCCLA
09/26/2021 SCCLA End of Summer Party
09/17/2021 SCOTUS Preview: Erwin Chemerinsky and Melissa Murray on 2021-2022 Term
09/09/2021 Crocker Real Estate Symposium Virtual Conference
09/08/2021 IALA MCLE: What Kanye Can Teach Us About Litigation
09/02/2021 So You Want To Be A Judge
09/01/2021 SCCLA Scholarships & Fellowships Awards Ceremony
08/03/2021 Bystander Intervention Training (by Asian Americans Advancing Justice–LA & Hollaback!)
07/29/2021 Going There - Black & Asian: Tough Conversations & True Allyship
07/27/2021 Know Your Rights & Bystander Intervention
07/01/2021 2021 SCCLA Scholarship & Fellowship Application
06/08/2021 2021 Virtual Mock Interview Panel Program
05/26/2021 Asian Pacific American Women Lawyers Alliance and California Asian Pacific American Bar Association Presents: More than Meets the Eye
05/13/2021 SCCLA Raffle
05/13/2021 SCCLA's 45th Anniversary Installation & Awards Banquet
05/11/2021 FBA Webinar: Anti-Asian Hate Crimes and Incidents: The Federal Response
05/06/2021 APA Unity Night
04/20/2021 2021 SCCLA Board of Governors Application
04/08/2021 Rise and Shine - It's Coffee Time!
03/31/2021 A Night of Nostalgia & Noodles
03/12/2021 Virtual Escape Room
02/25/2021 SCCLA & APABA Trivia Night
02/18/2021 Tea & Truffle Tasting
02/01/2021 SCCLA Student Representative Application
01/18/2021 SCCLA Lifetime Member Profiles
12/08/2020 SCCLA Trivia Night
12/03/2020 APA Community Holiday Toy Drive and Reception
12/01/2020 California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye Lifetime Achievement Award
11/23/2020 SCCLA Scholarships & Fellowships Awards Ceremony
11/18/2020 SCCLA NLSLA Legal Clinic | Volunteer Registration
11/18/2020 SCCLA NLSLA Clinic Intake Sheet | Litigant
11/18/2020 SCCLA NLSLA Intake Completion Form
11/14/2020 SCCLA Ice Cream Social
11/13/2020 2020 SCCLA Board of Governors Applications
11/12/2020 SCCLA Clerkship Panel Series: State Court Externships & Clerkships
11/02/2020 2020 SCCLA Scholarship/Fellowship Applications
10/29/2020 Racial Justice: Where Do We Start?
10/27/2020 SCCLA Annual Membership Meeting
10/21/2020 Marco Polo Night
10/20/2020 SCCLA & KABA's Mock Interview Program and Panel
10/15/2020 SCCLA Clerkship Panel Series: Federal Externships & Clerkships
08/06/2020 Jury Selection in the Time of COVID-19: Preparing for and Identifying Anti-Asian Bias
07/09/2020 APABA - Recent Trailblazers in the Law
06/23/2020 SCCLA Free CLE - Hates Crimes: Then and Now
06/09/2020 LACBA Creative Strategies for Attorney Success
06/09/2020 FBA Re-Opening Central District Courthouses
06/03/2020 Virtual Employment Rights Clinic
05/13/2020 SCCLA Virtual Happy Hour With Mixology Class
05/08/2020 SCCLA Cares
03/12/2020 APABA New Admittee Reception
02/27/2020 Pathways: Practicing Law at the Big and Mid-Sized Level
02/21/2020 Lunar New Year Celebration
02/19/2020 Hon. Kevin Brazile Diversity & Inclusion Award 2020
10/30/2019 CCBA/SCCLA Joint Mixer
10/24/2019 SCCLA In-House CLE
10/05/2019 End of Summer Party
09/25/2019 Joint TALA SCCLA Happy Hour
08/04/2019 Hike & Brunch
07/09/2019 Joint APA Bar Association Annual Summer Mixer
06/18/2019 Cross-Border Litigation CLE
05/29/2019 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Celebrating APA Women in Leadership Free CLE
04/17/2019 44th Anniversary Installation & Awards Banquet
03/25/2019 2019 SCCLA Scholarship & Fellowship Application
03/05/2019 SCCLA Co-Sponsors CLE on Effective IP Strategies and Practical Tips for Doing Business in Foreigh Jursidictions
02/28/2019 SCCLA & APAWLA Mentoring Circle Dinner
02/21/2019 Annual Membership Meeting
02/07/2019 SCCLA Lunar New Year Concert
02/02/2019 Private Tour of Notorious RBG Exhibition
01/12/2019 Mindfulness CLE & Yoga
12/15/2018 Annual Holiday Food Basket Drive
11/10/2018 SCCLA @ NAPABA
10/30/2018 LACBA & SCCLA Free Ethics CLE
10/23/2018 Affirmative Action CLE Panel
10/14/2018 End of Summer Party 2018
10/03/2018 RISE Fourth Anniversary Celebration and In-House Entertainment Panel CLE
09/09/2018 Quarterly Mentorship Circle Meetup
08/08/2018 Judges Night
08/01/2018 California APA Bar Associations' Reception Honoring Joshua Groban
06/16/2018 Summer Soiree (Members Only)
05/25/2018 SCCLA 43rd Installation & Awards Banquet
03/01/2018 SCCLA Lunar Happy New Year Happy Hour
02/24/2018 Phoenix Rising
02/08/2018 Annual Membership Meeting
01/11/2018 2018 Trial Workshop Series
10/01/2017 End of Summer Party 2017
07/26/2017 2017 Joint APA Bar Association Summer Mixer
05/12/2017 SCCLA Installation & Awards Banquet
01/26/2017 Elimination of Bias CLE Brown Bag Lunch with Judges
12/17/2016 Members Only Exclusive Holiday Brunch (Registration / Tickets)
09/17/2016 End of Summer Party
04/08/2016 41st Anniversary Installation & Awards Banquet
03/02/2016 MCLE Luncheon
02/18/2016 2016 Annual Membership Meeting
12/19/2015 SCCLA Holiday Food Basket
12/09/2015 SCCLA | MCLE Lunch
11/17/2015 Brown Bag Luncheon with the Honorable A. Ashley Tabaddor
11/12/2015 Westside Mixer, by SCCLA/KABA
10/27/2015 Reception to Honor Eileen Decker, United States Attorney, and Wesley Hsu, Executive Assistant United States Attorney
10/22/2015 Foodie Speaker Series: CHINATOWN 2.0
10/21/2015 West Valley Mixer
09/20/2015 End of Summer Party
08/15/2015 HOLLYWOOD BOWL NIGHT: Warner Bros. presents: Bugs Bunny at the Symphony-25th Anniversary!
07/08/2015 17th Summer Associate Mixer
04/17/2015 40th Anniversary Installation & Awards Banquet
03/25/2015 Reception Honoring Judge Owen Lee Kwong
02/05/2015 2015 Annual Membership Meeting
09/21/2014 End of Summer Party
08/28/2014 SCCLA-NAAAP Summer Mixer
07/29/2014 Westside Mixer @ The Backhouse
07/16/2014 Summer Associate Mixer
06/26/2014 SCCLA Summer Mixer Series
05/01/2014 39th Anniversary Installation & Awards Banquet
01/22/2014 SCCLA | MCLE Lunch
01/11/2014 Phoenix Rising
11/14/2013 Foodie Speaker Series: Evolution of Chinese Food in America
10/29/2013 SCCLA's Autumn Mixer @ Coco Laurent
10/16/2013 Marco Polo Night
09/29/2013 End of Summer Party
09/12/2013 SCCLA | MCLE Lunch
08/23/2013 Swearing-In Ceremony of Curtis A. Kin
08/15/2013 SCCLA Summer Mixer Series
07/25/2013 SCCLA Summer Mixer @ Wokcano
07/10/2013 15th Annual SCCLA/Joint Bar Summer Mixer
06/19/2013 SCCLA | MCLE Lunch
05/10/2013 SCCLA | San Gabriel Valley MCLE Lunch
04/05/2013 38th Anniversary Installation & Awards Banquet
02/22/2013 SCCLA | Expert Witness Deposition MCLE Lunch
02/20/2013 SCCLA Spring Mixer @ Le Ka in Downtown
02/07/2013 SCCLA | Benefiting The New APALC Pro Bono Program
02/06/2013 Joint APA Bar Event: Law Professor Reception
01/25/2013 SCCLA | San Gabriel Valley MCLE Lunch
01/17/2013 SCCLA | Foley & Lardner LLP - Developing A China Practice 101
12/06/2012 13th Annual APA Community Holiday Toy Drive & Reception
10/17/2012 Marco Polo Night - SCCLA - JABA - IALA Co-Sponsored Event
10/04/2012 APABA Annual Law Student Welcome Reception - SCCLA Co-Sponsored Event
09/23/2012 End of Summer Party
08/30/2012 SCCLA Westside Mixer @ Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen
08/15/2012 SCCLA Summer Mixer Series: Part II @ Wokcano
07/12/2012 Reception to Honor the Honorable Jacqueline H. Nguyen, Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
07/11/2012 14th Annual SCCLA Summer Mixer
06/13/2012 SCCLA Summer Mixer Series
04/25/2012 Settlement Strategy With Judges Ernest M. Hiroshige and Owen Lee Kwong
04/05/2012 37th Anniversary Installation & Awards Banquet
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