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Southern California 
Chinese Lawyers Association

2023 Mentorship Program

  • 04/17/2023
  • 05/14/2023

SCCLA is thrilled to announce the launch of our 2023 Mentorship Program.

SCCLA is committed to guiding the next generation of AAPI leaders in the legal community. The mentorship program aims to foster relationships among law students and attorneys. 

Participants will be placed in mentorship groups consisting of a small number of mentors and mentees of varying experience levels. Participants will have opportunities to both provide and receive meaningful mentorship from fellow judicial officers, attorneys and law students. 

Priority to SCCLA attorney and judicial officer members. 

Application Links:

Attorneys and Judicial Officers:

Law Students:

Registration Deadline:

May 14, 2023

The mentorship program is open to all SCCLA members and law students. Contact with any questions or concerns. 

SCCLA Mentorship Program: Guidelines

SCCLA’s  goal  is for participants to be able to form beneficial relationships that foster growth and professional  development. To  achieve  this  goal,  SCCLA has adopted the  following guidelines.

(1)  Minimum Number of Meetings:  participants are encouraged to meet in-person or via video conference at least once per academic semester, for a minimum of two times per calendar year.

(2) Meeting Location:  Meetings between program participants should be scheduled in public locations, e.g. at SCCLA events, restaurants or coffee shops, or at other MCLE or bar association events. SCCLA strongly discourages meeting at bars or at the residence of participants.

(3) Reporting Inappropriate Behavior:If any participant feels that they have been sexually harassed by another participant or has been subject to other untoward, harassing, or coercive behavior, a  report should be immediately made to All  reports  are  confidential

(4) Discipline:  Individuals  who  are  found  to  have  violated  SCCLA's Bylaws  are  subject to expulsion from participation in  the program. Participants should  feel comfortable with contacting and meeting with their  mentors, mentees, and other participants of the program regarding  professional  opportunities  or questions  related to  coursework or  school  activities. In person  or  email  communication  is encouraged. Texting,  while  convenient,  should  not  be  the  sole  means  of  communication between mentors  and students. While  SCCLA encourages students  and mentors  to  learn  more  about  one  another,  especially with respect  to  shared  experiences,  e.g.  “What it is like to be a first generation attorney,” participants should not engage in conversations about  intimate  matters. SCCLA urges all participants to exercise their best personal and professional judgment while participating in the program with regard to their conduct.

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